Transformers, glue!


rstats glue

General description of transformers functionality in {glue} with some potentially useful examples.

Elo and EloBeta models in snooker


rstats snooker comperank elobeta

Research about adequacy of Elo based models applied to snooker match results. Contains a novel approach (EloBeta) targeted for sport results with variable “best of N” format.

Animating mode variability with tidyverse and tweenr


rstats tidyverse tweenr

Provided different probability distributions, animate independent sample distributions to demonstrate mode variability. There is a thorough code description with some subtle tips and tricks.

Harry Potter and rankings with comperank


rstats comperank comperes

Ranking Harry Potter books with comperank package.

General gems of comperes


rstats comperes

Examples of exported functions from comperes package that could be useful for general tasks.